Lessons from Divine Young Yogis


Dear Readers,

Welcome to my blog! My name is Mandy Given and I am a mother, wife, and an enthusiastic yogi! In the last four months, I have transitioned from a career in speech pathology, working with children and their caregivers. Now I am a yoga instructor, practicing with children and teens, both in home and in a school setting.

I believe that I have found my true passion in life; helping these young beautiful souls as they navigate through their developmental journey of self-awareness.

Working around children, I have had the privilege of smiling, laughing and embracing their youthful energy. As part of my practice, I serve teens and children by assisting them in breaking down their emotional walls and barriers, so that they can be more honestly united with their character and personal confidence. As a result, I love how my young yogis don’t sweat the small stuff, and learn to move on from judgement easily.

I hope you will join us, and together we will have a happy, healthy journey through life!

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