Unstoppable Me, let your kids find their magnificence

Hey Everyone! I have put together a few videos, feel free to watch them all or just the ones of interest to you:). The first one is breathe with your child. The second is a book review and the third is asanas, or poses, to go along with our theme of magnificence and confidence.  Bless all of you. I am honored to present this series. I am proud that we can all take our journey with our beautiful kids and share it globally. Please send me feedback!  I’m a novice to iMovie :). I hope you enjoy it. Namaste lovies and peace.

Video 1) trim.DDFE46EE-DF7B-418D-A105-68965C5F4854

Video 2) trim.EEF35669-A3CF-4442-AC06-3E0A44F5BEE2

Video 3) trim.01DADDF3-E2B4-41B6-B228-4FBB15755383

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