Please respect my emotional growth

So I was hanging at the hotel this morning after drop off and thinking a bit about my oldest girl, she’s 14 now. We have been blessed with means to help her find her confidence and open her wings at this amazing school for children with language based deficits.(dyslexia, auditory comprehension etc) She is a young 14 year old and that’s cool yes. She still likes dragon animation and is always creating new videos. It’s cool. Do any of your children do video or animation? They are amazing and our children are creatures of creative manifestation of the 21st century.
My husband gets a bit concerned that she’s back into it, as he says. I reply with no worry she’s got her friends and it’s fine if she has this animation community. I guess the take away is… Respect and honor your kids no matter if they seems too “young” or emotionally not up to speed with their peers. It’s alright and they’ll get there and they feel safe. That’s the biggie. I’ve had people tell me she appears young and honestly yah! She’s fine. Listen to your gut and this time put your blinders on if you hear judgment. It’s only that and it’s not “your” story. It’s the other persons. My video did not upload after compression. Hmmm taking a little phone call to hostgator. I did put it up on Facebook. It’s short and it’s my love for you today. Namaste and many blessings!

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