It’s a blizzard, hot cocoa and sleds, dreaming of paradise


Good morning,
We had a blizzard on Monday here on the northeast coast of the United States two days ago.  We made snowmen, drank hot cocoa, and a lot of time off for my children from school. All said and done we had come off of a 3 day weekend and you know how it goes, the routine was out the door. We all need structure especially the kids. I was feeling out of sorts with a bit of cabin fever. I found the book “What Does It Mean To Be Safe?”, by Rana Diorio. I liked the theme of feeling safe and secure with a twist on calm. I can get in my head and find myself spinning with different stories that I should do this or be that, you know all the destructive judgements we can think in our minds.  Hint: Structure and honoring ourselves with compassion.  This book is a good segway to begin more discussions on what is means to be safe, whom we can trust and turn to when frightened,  as well as buddy systems and basic survival skills to assist our children with navigation during the 21st century. I also included 5 poses to practice along with your child that emphasize restoring peace, winding down, and opening our hearts. Enjoy and please let me know if you prefer the three short videos or one long one. After the book series I will begin weekly short tidbits of love. Namaste and lots of love to all. 🙏




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