Too young for love you”s at 13.

I’m a little behind the eight ball and I am getting this post out a week late.  If there is one thing that I remind myself daily is try and strive for consistency but family and teen drama is bound to delay me. I always want to post on Friday and last week just did not happen.  My story, I have a 13 and a 14 year old daughters. One is full of love and independent like their Dad and my other if full of love and drama, bit like me. She’s my yogi as well.  This is about my 13 year old. She has a young boy texting her daily and many times a day. They are sending emojis of love and texting “I love you” to each other. We are like What???? Ok I have been following all this lala between the two of them. I have been using my yogic breathing and checking in on my mama bear feelings daily. I’m proud I have not opened my mouth and said much to anger my daughter. I am able to pause, process, and negotiate a lot in my head now. It’s a beautiful reawakening. I can probably get a few people to relate to my concerns after I tell you a little story.

The two of them were face timing last week and I popped my head in to say hi to our young man. After he grunted at me and I expressed teasingly to him, “hey you better be nice to l*** mom”s.”. He looked at me and said, “you won’t stop us from seeing each other.”. He was bullying me, threatening my role as mom. I couldn’t believe it. I had a little chat with my girl. No no no he stepped beyond his boundaries and was very disrespectful.  Keep breathing mama  keep coming back to kindness.  I don’t have boys and I am surprised at his actions.  I know he treats my daughter well but I also know he is raising his little brother as mom works full time and there is no father in the picture at all.  This happens in our world, children being asked to do adult work.  I just felt slighted and bullied by this young 14 year old boy.  He was trying to test my boundaries.  My daughter and I had a chat and we told my husband, her Dad.  Breath mom, and we told her we love her and that I would be checking in a little to oversee their texting.  I feel like a snoop but she’s my flesh, and yes I’m good at not smothering my girls but I am not thrilled at this young man.  I sat and told our couple therapist this week.  “They are playing house and as long as he is good to her then it’s all part of trying on the hats.”  My husband is smirking and yes this is my story.  Huh, I’m stubborn and a mom so i’m still snooping.  Keep you posted. I have to giggle because a couple days ago my daughter said without my prying, “mom my friends say go kiss him and I’m too young, I am playing hard to get.”  Ok it’s alright and I am now so proud of her.  I remember this “house playing”.  I will gladly exist in this behavior for now.  She’s going into 8th grade, I’m good and all my breathing paid off.  She’s got some good stuff inside her head for decision making.  Thank you school for having some good sex ed this year.  The kids were traumatized. lololol.

I can say it’s good to surrender, own up to your stories, and have faith.  Most importantly keep breathing.  It’s not good to hold your breath.  You gets dizzy and other uncomfortable things.  Yoga and getting uncomfortable in your head go very hand in hand off the mat.  Stay in peace and exhale.

Happy 4th of July!!!!  I take off to Latin America next week.  A little vacation, rest, service work, and yoga.  I’m checking out and off the grid hopefully.  May see a pic or two on social media of us.  Thanks for reading and getting a laugh.  Parenting is entertaining and it is only going to get messier. Namaste for now tribe.



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