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A month ago I had the privilege to journey to Nicaragua on a Seva/Yoga retreat. Going into the trip I didn’t know what to expect, I was walking into a world that would be completely new to me for the first time, and I was scared.When I landed and looked around two thoughts came into my mind as my worries vastly went away. The first thought was what a beautiful place I was seeing before my eyes, the second thought was that I could not wait to go out and give a helping hand to such a loving beautiful community. I knew with my confidence, my love, and my desire to serve I could help impact those that were around me and I couldn’t wait to begin. The second day was when we were able to meet the children from the local orphanage, this was my favorite day. The children were so eager to be loved and cared for and it brought tears of compassion to my eyes as I saw the impact that a simple “hello” had to them. Bringing my children on this trip with me was the best idea I have ever had, they returned wiser, more empathetic towards others, and eager to help and make a difference in the lives around them. I am so proud to have such loving¬†children and to have had an opportunity like this one that brought us closer and stronger to not only each other but to the world and the potential that we could reach from becoming united with one other. The yoga portion of this retreat was just as remarkable as the rest of it. I studied new poses and new methods as well as being able to really connect with my inner self. I truly believe that yoga brings out the best in people, it is important to honor yourself because that will lead to the true honoring of others. I encourage you all to go out and try to submerse yourself into another culture at one point in your life. I promise you the result is worth the fear. Attached to this post I figured I’d leave some photos from my trip, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. ¬†Blessings to all of you, Namaste.

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