Accept my challenge, it’s uncomfortable

It’s a beautiful, crispy Fall day in New England today.  We are not part of the Hurricane area but I wanted to send out love and prayers to those highly affected by the force of Mother Nature.  I believe we can all take a moment to think and/or say a feeling of hope and revival for the communities in the US, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, and sadly again Haiti.  I truly am driven in my heart and soul to serve and help others.  There is no better way to get out of your own head and struggles then to aid those in need.  It also let’s your God and the universe know that you get it, we are on this life path to discover why we were placed here, once you figure it out do baby steps and keep on stepping up to serve.

I am a sensitve person and it has been a blessing to discover the beauty of me.  Do you feel that you are connected to more then just yourself or your family?  It can be overwhelming because our sensitivity affects our body, mind, and spirit.  Then our actions affect our loved ones, mostly good but sometimes oops not so good.  One thing my husband told me this past year as we were going through our transformation of me off my wrongly prescribed medicine was looking at what we loved about each others presence.  I’ll never forget when he said, “you have empathy for all. You want to care for everyone which is really beautiful.”.  OK he really gets me.  He stuck around because deep in my abyss all those years is that I always had this path.  It never subsided.

Fast forward to October, now, and I am still teaching the children.  I’m doing a lot of Mindfulness and meditation.  They are begging for it.  I enjoy seeing them get still.  The room is quiet.  We breathe, we discuss the 7 points seat of meditation, and we stop judging.  As I say, “your mat or seat is your island, you are warm, cozy, and most importantly safe.  No one is judging you and nothing leaves this room.”.  Trust is vital to our self care and self beingness to thrive.  Sure you can have shelter, food, warmth, community and feel grateful.  Trust is the love, safety, honor, and foundation of loving kindness.  Trust is the little voice inside you admitting that it does not all have to be done now.  It’s leaving the questions and letting your divine find a way.  I fought and fought for a long time, it’s exhausting, and now I say OK enough let this go for this moment.  As one of my yoga teachers says, “go to sleep.” in her direct yet compassionate Russian accent.

I let go of my “need” to get it all done NOW.  The blog, the updated website, the this and the that and I listened to my God.  I heard him say put it out and just forgive yourself and spend time with your family, dog, and teach the loves.  I did and it has been the best.  Just plain “ahhhhh”.  Now the juices are starting and getting restless in a good way.  I can’t promise perfection, I just don’t roll that way. But, I want to dig in again to seva and purpose. I feel it helps the busy mind and gets all of us in flow with the magic carpet we each use to fly around town.  So, SOS Orphanages are a global community are servers.  Next week I’ll head to Florida for family, self reboot, and service at an orphanage.  Recovery and lots of art and yoga love for these children.  Looking for lap time and hugs, looking for big eyes and wide smiles of youth.  We can listen more and provide hope and comfort daily to our loved ones.  The young are our next leaders and lovers.  There is unrest all over the US now, it’s really painful.  I challenge myself, I challenge you to provide kindness to yourself first because this is where it starts.  “I am worthy. I am a visionary. I am cute……”  Then find a younger person and spend 10 minutes or more and just hold space, listen, and try not to pull your own story out of fear out of your lips.  Let’s lead and change our patterns in thought, word, and action.  My wish is to encourage abundance and positive citizen character in our youth. Can you accept this challenge?

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